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Ethos & Objectives

To strive to provide the best education in a secure Islamic environment, through the application of the Quran and Sunnah.

Our mission statement encapsulates our approach to education. Providing a secure Islamic environment means a harmonious place where everybody is equal, respects one another and is a setting that is conducive to learning. It also means we provide a holistic approach to education, supporting the personal development of each student spiritually, morally, socially and culturally through curricular and non-curricular activities Our School provides an environment where students explore and have the freedom to develop their own identity whilst understanding that they are all equal, unique and valuable individuals each with different and valid viewpoints. We recognise that positive encouragement, appreciation and respect lead to more contented, wholesome students which play a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. Through the Religious Studies department, students learn about the integrity and spirituality of their own faith and the importance in Islam of respect of other faiths and belief systems. Through our curricular and non-curricular activities, we aim to promote personal responsibility and accountability. Motivated by a team of dedicated and professional staff, the education offered at Islamia Girls School aims to produce mature young ladies with leadership qualities and the ability to contribute, as responsible citizens, to the well-being of our society. We want our students to leave our school with Adab, which is respect for oneself and others, a respect for elders and a strong sense of empathy for those less fortunate.

“Pupils are very polite, courteous and supportive of each other. Their behaviour and attitudes to learning are excellent. Pupils show a genuine thirst for learning. Staff ensure that pupils develop into very confident, self-motivated and self-assured young women.” Ofsted 2017

Finally, as a Muslim school we encourage our students to always be mindful of Allah and hope that they carry this awareness into their adult lives. We try to impress upon them the importance of establishing regular prayers and maintaining a sense of awareness of a reality that is greater than themselves. The purpose of this is to try and earn the pleasure of Allah by doing good deeds, being kind to others and caring for the needy.