BBC School Report 2016

This year, four teams have been formed to work with Mrs. Khalladi; the BBC School Report Link Teacher; and Mr. Adel Alkadamy on their reports. All four teams have completed the reports and met the deadline.  It was fantastic seeing the teams going through healthy competition, yet helping and supporting each other. Team "Through The Lens" felt that there is too much negative representation of Muslim women in the mainstream media and wanted to share something positive in an attempt to tip the scales.  Team "Diligent" felt that the issue of Homelessness needs to be highlighted.  Team " Erudite", as the name suggests, wanted to find out more about the Education system in the UK in comparison to the South Korean system. As for team "Insight", they were interested to find out more about safety on public transport, following a series of incidents that took place in Brent recently. It was a pleasure working with year 8's and seeing them grow in confidence. The school thanks every class member for their excellent teamwork and is hoping to see more multimedia production from them in the future.  We also extand our thanks to all the interviewees for their co-operation and for inspiring our pupils. Following is an account of how the teams found this experience:

"We can honestly say that it was an experience to remember and that we all really enjoyed it! Thanks for the great opportunity BBC!"
"The whole team is excited and we cannot wait to see our final product"

"It was quite sad to not be doing BBC school report anymore, since it had become such a big part of us and not only did it teach us new skills but it made our group closer together."
"In this lesson our teacher taught us about the qualities of filming and the different types of techniques to help us film for the final report...Filming was funny since there were loads of bloopers and giggles from everyone. It took us 3 shots before we got it right"

"With everyone's contribution and hard work, we hope to have an amazing report that you will enjoy...We were glad to be given the opportunity to meet Dawn Butler, MP of Brent, at parliament on Wednesday 10th February 2016. In our thirty minute slot to interview her, we managed to finish the interview early and have time to take pictures..." 

Below are the completed productions:

Team Diligent: Homelessness in the UK

Team Diligent's Blog:

Team Through The Lens: Mind of A British Muslimah

Through The Lens's Blog: 

Team Insight: Safety on Public Transport in London

Team Insight's Blog:

Team Erudite: A comparison of the Education System in the UK and South Korea

Team Erudite's Blog: