2017-2-3 - Chemistry

“We have indeed sent Our messengers with clear proofs, and sent down with them the Book and the Balance, so that people may uphold equity. And We sent down iron in which there is strong power, and benefits for the people; and (We did it) so that Allah knows the one who helps Him and His messengers without seeing (Him). Surely Allah is Strong, Mighty.”

The Noble Qur’an, Surah Al-Hadid [57: 25]

Taught By: Mr. A. Ali BEng (Hons) PGCE QTS

Chemistry excites pupils with bangs, pops, fizzes and colours. It is perhaps the most popular of subjects among the sciences. Many of our pupils go on to study subjects such as medicine, for which chemistry is a core subject requirement. Unlike physics and biology, the chemistry experiments never let you down. They are always exciting! Practical demonstrations and experiments are fundamental tools in helping our students excel in the subject and have a good time whilst learning.

Curriculum: Boys joining the school in year 7 go through a practical induction programme in which they become confident in using equipment that is regularly used throughout their time at Brondesbury. In years 7 and 8, “Big Ideas” are developed and students take on roles such as a trainee forensic scientist solving crimes and a chef looking for the perfect recipe. Examples of the big ideas include: “Particles”, “Chemical reactions” and “Acids and Alkalis”. In year 8, students continue taking different roles but further “big ideas” are developed.

The three year key stage 3 national curriculum is taught over two years at Brondesbury College. The schemes of work are written around the QCA suggested schemes of work which follows the National Curriculum Programme of study. Our scheme also covers the specification of the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB).

In years 9, 10 and 11, pupils study IGCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Brondesbury College is perhaps the first Islamic school in the UK to adopt the more rigorous and demanding Cambridge IGCSE in Science. The Chemistry IGCSE course provides an exciting, challenging and detailed introduction to a wide range of topics with a great deal of practical work and is an excellent preparation for A level.